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Renewi Group is the biggest waste management company in the Benelux area and only shareholder in Coolrec Nederland and Coolrec Plastics and major shareholder of Recydel (80%) and Coolrec France (90%). This 4 companies uses centralised services offered by Renewi. Both are using a.o. services as Outlet Management for hazardous waste, Management of Waste shipment Regulation (EVOA’s) and Logistic Management. In the area of general support, it concerns services as: Financial Shared Service Center, IT Management, Procurement, HR support, legal and Insurance. Recydel, Coolrec France as well as Coolrec Nederland and Coolrec Plastics takes advantage of the scale and expertise offered by Renewi.

As part of Coolrec BV, all Coolrec companies have access to the joint spare part stock, and specifically the shredder pool, which can be used in situations of major overhaul, regular maintenance or occasional stand-stills of the RS50 and RS100-shredders. Besides the shredder pool both companies also use the centralised engineering team and specialised technical support team of Coolrec BV.

Vertical integration in the value chain

With Coolrec Plastics being part of the Coolrec Group both Recydel, Coolrec France and Coolrec Nederland have full control over the value chain. Coolrec Plastics not only processes the output from both companies, but as well from many competitors across Europe.


Investment proposals are always prepared by site management. The investment proposals are derived from the five-year-plan and yearly budget of the entities, which has been prepared by themselves and approved by Coolrec Group management and Board members (Recydel & Coolrec Fr).

Research & Development

Research & Development at Coolrec companies are managed by Coolrec BV in cooperation with Renewi and often involves external parties. Given the nature of R&D we consider it of added value to approach this with an open mind and a broad view (ergo; beyond the borders of our local entities) and cooperating with parties, also outside the e-waste industry, helps us to further improve our processes and the industry as a whole. Of course, we do (lab) testing, pilots, and demo’s on-site level to roll out our technology improvements or process improvements across all sites.

Our Ambition

We want to be the most sustainable processor with the highest material recovery. We do this by investing in the best available technologies and innovation. Be leading in the production of renewed raw materials for high-quality applications. To this , we enter into partnerships with producers to generate the right recipes. Therefore, we invest in quality management and laboratory. We either conduct our operations in a safe environment or we do not. We invest in a safety culture and invest to safeguard our operations from calamities Every day, we try to get the best out of our teams through continuous improvement. More than 10 people have already received green belt training.

Stakeholders & networks

The policy and strategy of Coolrec fit in with the general policy and strategy of Renewi : 'To be the leading waste-to-product company'. We strive to be the leading waste-to-product company by contributing to a sustainable society for our most important stakeholders : customers, employees, local communities and our shareholders.