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About Coolrec

Coolrec is a Renewi Specialities subsidiary and a key European player in the circular economy when it comes to the processing of discarded electrical appliances and electronic products. Through its international network comprising sites spread throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and France, Coolrec recovers plastics and ferrous and non-ferrous metals from WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and transitions them into secondary raw materials. This activity involves Coolrec working in close cooperation with innovative industrial manufacturers of consumer products.

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Every year, millions of electrical and electronic appliances are used and eventually discarded by households and businesses across Europe.

All these devices consist of materials that lend themselves well to reuse, provided they are responsibly and sustainably separated, spalled, purified and processed to meet environmental and market demands.

As EU market leader in WEEE recycling, Coolrec masters the art of recovering raw materials in the highest possible degree of purity.

Our Value proposition with Coolrec

The values of Coolrec are aimed at (i) Sustainability: by innovation and striving for new techniques on high-quality recycling starting with the treatment of e-waste, all the way through to production of recycled plastic pellets and reuse by OEM partners; (ii) Togetherness: reinforcing the chain by participating in collaborative projects, improving logistics, digitizing and innovating in the circular economy; (iii) Quality: meeting the highest national and international standards with a solid track record; (iv) being a Professional and reliable partner with an eye for safety and business continuity.

Sustainability - advanced Circular solutions

Coolrec endeavours on the most advanced technologies in order to realise the highest possible recycling rates. We have set ourselves targets in our sustainability report. In day-to-day practice this translates into investments, which aim at producing more recycled product of better quality. Our project plan includes investments like an electrostatic separator for plastics, and an automated separator for further optimizing the cleaning of our metal fractions

Togetherness - Partnership model

‘Together’ is one of the core values of Coolrec. We will continue to be an active partner in creating better insights in, and understanding of, logistics, treatment, communication, registration and innovation. We elaborate some potential improvements, based on recent improvements Coolrec has realised a reduction of logistical cost through 24/7 automatic acceptance; and dedicated treatment processes for heat pumps and boiler.

Quality & compliance - setting the standard

As raw material supplier and recycling company, safety and compliance are part of our core values. The quality of our processes results in pure raw materials that can be applied in circular solutions. Our quality management systems are certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. Besides that, Coolrec is WEEELABEX certified.

Professional and reliable partner

Coolrec offers a professional solution for treatment of e-waste. The group operates four unique, well maintained treatment plants in three different countries. We share knowledge between these facilities on continuous basis. Most of these treatment plants have been recently upgraded and together they are now processing over 50.000 tonnes per year.

Our teams have years of experience in operating and engineering of mechanical treatment lines, and are focused on continuously improving. Our scale and experience translate into (i) a stable supply chain and cost control; (ii) optimum recycling rates with high purity raw materials; and (iii) on-going investments in the past and coming years to keep up our lines to the latest standards.

Optimize outlet possibilities and logistics

Coolrec focuses on mechanical treatment of WEEE and uses the scale of Renewi to optimize outlet possibilities and logistics:

  • Outlets and treatment partners are audited regularly on e.g., permit, social subjects, fraudulent practices);
  • Through the scale and international network, we have access to a large portfolio of outlets with high guarantee on availability;
  • Hazardous substances and components are managed and treated by Renewi: capacitors, oil, batteries,… This gives us certainty on outlet and high-quality treatment;
  • We are active in Prevention (Renewi consultancy division), Re-use (dismantling in our E-services), Recycling (our mechanical processes), Energy Recovery, Thermal Disposal (through cooperation) and Landfill Disposal (own landfill sites).


Innovation is one of the core values of Coolrec. This translates into our

  • Green Financing Framework
  • social initiatives (SOFIE & Envie2E)
  • processing technologies
  • products (Coolstar Plus & Master, Coolstar-E for the Toy Industry)

Our digital strategy focuses on data mining as a result of better management of master data. On the long term we will be looking at the feasibility of Internet of Things, smart sensoring and robotization.