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Coolrec, a leader in the circular know-how in the field of recycling electronics.

Having a network of 5 production sites in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, we are trend-setting in Europe. Thanks to our advanced techniques and extensive know-how, we work for many companies and institutions in many different countries all over the world.

Coolrec is a subsidiary of Renewi and its motto is ‘Waste no more’. This motto is in line with the idea of the circular economy.

That is, of course, a completely different perspective to that of the traditionally known linear economy, where products are destroyed after their life cycle and where valuable raw materials are lost. Besides, dumping causes ecological damage (e.g. plastic soup in oceans), while destruction contributes to global warming via carbon emissions. So, it's really far more than traditional recycling, where the emphasis today has shifted from rough separation to chain optimisation.

As a producer of secondary raw materials our boundaries expand together with manufacturers. Ultimately, in practice we jointly strive for an actual realisation of going from ‘product to product’. We've achieved this with flying colours.