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The Netherlands

Coolrec Nederland BV, Dordrecht

Coolrec Nederland has multiple processing activities consisting of household, professional fridge recycling as well as processing LHA and E-services. Coolrec Nederland is mostly active in the Dutch market of the cooling and freezing appliances (CFA) input material is locally sourced, on other part of CFA concerns mostly international collection of appliances, which can not be processed on a classic fridge recycling line (e.g., NH3 and profs). Coolrec Nederland is the demonstration plant of the Coolrec Group. With a 50.000 tonnes treatment capacity, it is one of the biggest fridge treatment plants in the world.

Contact coordinates:

Grevelingenweg 3, 3313 LB Dordrecht, The Netherlands
+31 (0)88 700 35 00
Opening hours: 24/7

GPS coordinates:

Coolrec Plastics BV, Waalwijk

Coolrec Plastics is the largest recycler of waste plastics in Europe. Having 4 high-tech production lines, we recycle about 50 million kilograms of plastic materials into valuable raw materials annually. The majority of plastics is coming from our own WEEE recycling facilities.

After processing discarded electrical and electronic devices by these facilities, valuable secondary raw materials are recovered such as precious- and (non-ferrous) metals as well as valuable plastics. All these material will have a second live. This is where we close the loop in the plastics chain.

Contact coordinates:

Van Hilststraat 7, NL-5145 RK Waalwijk, The Netherlands

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 7:30 – 15:30, unless otherwise agreed.

GPS coordinates:


Recydel SA, Wandre

Recydel has multiple processing activities of which processing of CFA (20k ton capacity) and SDA/LHA and IT-equipment (45k ton capacity) are the most important waste streams. Recydel processes waste streams sourced from Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany.

Our treatment facility in Wandre is located directly on the junction of the E40 and E25 / A25 in Cheratte

Contact coordinates:

Rue Wérihet 72, B-4020 Wandre, Belgium
+32(0)4 370 94 60
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 – 17:00 (last truck in at 16:30)

GPS coordinates:


Coolrec France SAS, Lesquin

Coolrec France has multiple processing activities of which processing of CFA (15k ton capacity) and depollution of SDA/LHA and IT-equipment (7k ton capacity). Coolrec has developed its own systems to recycle the boilers in a (semi)automatic manner. It will be possible to deliver and process boilers on our Coolrec France in Lesquin from end 2024. Coolrec France processes waste streams sourced from France.

Contact coordinates:

Rue d’Iéna, F-59810 Lesquin, France
+33(0)3 20 97 10 91

GPS coordinates: