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Coolrec strives for recycling with even higher quality with its new separation line

21 November 2023

Waalwijk – 21 November 2023 – Coolrec, a subsidiary of Renewi, is investing in a new electrostatic separation line at its location in Waalwijk, just two years after the installation of the first multi-electrostatic separator. This new separator, combined with storage silos, enables the separation of even more plastics at the highest quality level, aiming to produce as many high-quality secondary raw materials as possible.

State-of-the-art separator

Coolrec, the European market leader in recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), collaborated with the leading global manufacturer Hamos for the new separator. The machine, equipped with a macro-impurity separator, separates mixed waste streams such as paper, wood fibers, or pieces of rubber from the plastic streams to be cleaned. The plastics are then sorted by type based on electromagnetic charging.

Secondary materials of even better quality

This process allows for the separation of even more plastics (PS and ABS) at a high-quality level, thereby producing more types of high-quality secondary raw materials that can be used by Coolrec's customers in new products.

Ramon Bongers, plastics manager at Coolrec, said, “This new line fully meets the needs of our customers. With this expansion, Coolrec can produce a very high-quality flake, and as a result, we will also produce an even better and more stable PS and ABS granulate in the next phase. Which are then ready for use across various industries such as electronics, automotive, toys and construction, ensuring high-quality applications."

Bas van Ginkel, managing director at Coolrec, stated, “The European market for high-quality secondary plastics requires continued investment in additional capacity. Coolrec continues to focus on higher quality, thus securing its place in the high-end market for plastics.”

Coolrec’s investments align completely with Renewi's strategy to position itself as a producer of high-quality secondary raw materials. The ambition to continuously reduce CO2 emissions where possible is further supported by the installation of an electric pre-drying installation, eliminating the use of fossil fuels altogether.