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This ABS granulate, Coolstar-E, is a sustainable and economic solution to ‘virgin’ plastics. When it is up to quality, we are leading in the branch with a high polymer purity.

Besides this excellent purity, Coolrec Plastics can guarantee also the feed-stock. This is thanks to the ‘recycling chain’ of WEEE in our owngroup. Coolstar-ABS is a clear example of our waste-to-product strategy.

Of course we monitore continuously our quality level, by analyzing in our in-house laboratory. We gurantee full tracebility of the material trough our processes. All our product are based on a 100% post consumer (PCR) input, which we can prove with EuCertplast certification.

Coolstar-ABS Plus:

A highly purified ABS, from small domestic appliances. Ideal for injection molding.

Coolstar-ABS Master:

Due to impact modification, Master is an excellent for injection molding product here higher impact strength is required..

 From waste to product

At Coolrec, we pride ourselves on being a key European player in the circular economy.

By combining our plastics intake stream with own recycling operations and partner facilities, we maintain a reliable and consistent output of secondary raw materials in terms of both quality and volume.

Subsequently, we either upcycle these materials ourselves or offer them for sale to producers who value circularity as much as we do.

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