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Cooling & freezing appliances

In order to guarantee proper depollution, the treatment of refrigerators and other temperature exchange equipment requires continuous follow-up and attention from a well trained and experienced crew. 

At Coolrec, we’ve been refining these skills, optimising our processes and continuously innovating since 1991.

All the technology used in the treatment of appliances, is developed, engineered, pilot tested in our demonstration plant and continuously improved on by our team.

We exercise full control of process and output throughout the 4 steps of the treatment chain:

  1. sorting of the appliances: domestic - professional - ammonia - class 6 (does not contain blowing agents)
  2. removal of oil and refrigerants
  3. removal of foam and blowing agent (shredding - separation - PU degassing)
  4. treatment of refrigerants and blowing agents

Coolrec Group has three processing sites for CFA and one site for processing plastic flakes form the CFA processing sites. Total maximum capacity of all Coolrec Group locations is close to 100k ton CFA.

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From waste to product

At Coolrec, we pride ourselves on being a key European player in the circular economy.

The materials that we reclaim through our recycling operations continue onwards into our solutions ecosystem.

They become secondary raw materials, which we either upcycle ourselves, through partnerships with innovation-minded companies,  or offer for sale to producers who value circularity as much as we do.


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