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Maurice Geelen, new Managing Director of Coolrec

03 March 2022

Maurice Geelen

Maurice Geelen has been appointed the new Managing Director of Coolrec. Coolrec, a subsidiary of Renewi, processes discarded electrical and electronic equipment, plastics and non-ferrous metals to produce high-quality secondary raw materials. The recycler has four specialist sites in three countries, making it Europe’s leading WEEE recycler. The company is an active player in the circular economy and focuses on the re-use of discarded materials.

Geelen’s previous role was Regional Director within Renewi Commercial Waste Nederland. Also, during his time as Director of Government Services, he was responsible for the collection and processing of household waste in dozens of municipalities. He is looking forward to his new role at Coolrec.

“Within Coolrec, everything revolves around recycling”, Maurice explains enthusiastically. His aim is to increase sales of secondary raw materials further. “As well as being a recycler, I want to boost our reputation as a producer of high-quality secondary raw materials that are destined to be used in new products. Our innovative separation techniques guarantee the raw materials will be of even better quality.”

Geelen has over 20 years’ experience in spare parts in the automotive industry, after which he worked for DHL Supply Chain for almost 8 years where he fulfilled the role of Business Unit Director for Retail, Infrastructure and Automotive, before making the move to Icova (now part of Renewi), in 2015. To achieve the transition to a circular economy, partners are important. “I welcome new partners with whom we can also step outside the traditional markets and help to expand the number of applications for recycled plastics” Geelen says. 

From now on, the former Coolrec Director, Dieter Avonds, will fulfil the role of Strategic Program and PMO Director within the Renewi division Commercial Waste Belgium.