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Coolrec invests millions in extra quality push for secondary raw materials

08 October 2020

Coolrec, a subsidiary of the waste-to-product company Renewi, continues to invest millions in innovative separation techniques to further support the high-quality recycling of metals and plastics. These investments are being made at our Belgian and Dutch locations. With these innovative separation techniques, Coolrec guarantees an even better quality of secondary raw materials derived from waste electrical and electronic materials. The new separation technologies for metals as well as for ABS and PS plastics will be operational from spring 2021.

Better separation techniques contribute to the implementation of a shared vision with our customers

With the new technologies, contaminated fragments are processed cleaned and optimised in a tightly controlled process into pure raw materials which, without intermediate processing, can be reused as raw materials. For the upcoming investments, this means even better sorting of flows of raw materials such as aluminium, printed cardboard, copper and brass as well as generating a pure flow of ABS and PS plastics, polymers that are common in electronic devices.

Dieter Avonds, Managing Director of Coolrec, says: “Investments in innovative techniques are important to us in order to improve even further the recovery of secondary raw materials which can be used as raw materials to manufacture new products. With these investments we contribute to a society based on the circular economy, and this fits perfectly into the shared vision we have with our customers.”

In line with previous investments

A significant part of Coolrec's activities is focused on the circular economy. Investments are aimed in particular at continuously improving it. Earlier this year, for example, investments were made in Recydel, Wandre, in a new degassing facility that meets the best environmental requirements and contributes to even lower energy consumption. The site in Dordrecht was also expanded by no less than 7,000m2, including an automated weighbridge that aims to coordinate logistics even more safely and efficiently and in this way serve the customer even better. The investments are in line with Coolrec's vision and its constant search for innovative techniques so as to be able to deliver the highest possible quality of recycled materials with an eye for compliance, efficiency and sustainability.