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Compliance is to abide by legislation and regulations and being wholly transparent about it. As an ethically operating company, we think that's the most natural thing in the world. In fact, we see it as a challenge to emulate ourselves to the very highest standards and frameworks. We innovate in future developments in legislation and regulations. You could call that our character, our life style. Those who are customers, partners or employees at Coolrec, will experience it. We've placed a target on the horizon. We always want to do things better, continuously aiming to meet higher standards, while keeping an eye on gains and costs. This is how we create more value for our customers and for society at large.

In 1989 the Montreal Protocol entered into force. That was also the year in which Coolrec was established. At that time Coolrec still focused on the processing of refrigerators. The challenge was recovery of CFCs. At Coolrec nowadays, CFCs are recovered at the highest possible level.


Coolrec's long-standing certifications include ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and is also certified in Germany for BVSE (German Association for secondary raw materials and waste disposal) and ElektroG (Disposal of commercial waste regulation). Obviously WEEELABEX too, since 2015. As a recycling company for electrical and electronic equipment in the Netherlands, it's appropriate that Coolrec was the first to have acquired WEEELABEX accreditation. That was the case even before certification became compulsory. We passed the certification audit with distinction. That means that we are demonstrably focused on quality and customer satisfaction and care for the environment. And of course we abide rigorously to the WEEE and EU WSR (European Waste Shipment Regulations).

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In accordance with article 8.5 of the recast WEEE directive (2012/19/EU), the Commission requested the European Standardisation Organisations to develop standards for the collection, logistics and treatment of WEEE, including recovery, recycling and preparation for reuse. Contrary to the WEEELABEX, which is a private standard, all stakeholders working in the field of EEE are involved in the development of these standards. Experts from national committees participated as well as producers’ federations, take-back systems, recyclers’ associations, NGOs, independent experts and scientists. Coolrec has been playing an active role in the working groups developing these standards since the early beginning and is now providing the convenor for the sub-working group temperature exchange equipment.

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