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Our vision on the circular economy and practical examples

A Coolrec customer is not only someone for whom we process waste of electronic equipment, but is also someone who purchases our raw materials to manufacture new products. Hence we are an active player in the circular economy, dedicated to reuse instead of destroying raw materials. The economic system of the future.

Waste no more

Every discarded piece of equipment is a package full of valuable secondary raw materials. Iron, non-ferrous metals, precious metals and plastics. All of these are superb materials which are exceedingly useful for reuse in the production of new equipment.

In cooperation with manufacturers, Coolrec is well on its way to recovering these valuable streams in an efficient manner. Cooperation with manufacturers is essential. Jointly we can develop recycling techniques that are efficient and environmentally friendly. We put plans into action, giving substance to the circular economy. A ‘waste no more’ economy.

Circular economy

We’ve taken on a challenge with a manufacturer of coffee machines, to directly deliver recovered raw materials from its own e-waste, to produce new coffee machines. More than half of the components of this equipment consists of plastics from own products. For the near future we’re aiming for 100%.

We have a circular arrangement with Miele that the cast iron weights in washing machines are returned for recycling to the factory. There, the cast iron is melted down and new weights are made.