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Circular economy

Coolrec is an active player in the circular economy, the system dedicated to reuse instead of destroying raw materials. Coolrec provides an important contribution to:

  • resolving the global issue of scarcity of raw materials
  • realising climate objectives, including the reduction of carbon emissions
  • actively participate in creating a more sustainable world

Investing and innovating, we really do it

The circular economy is the economic system of the future. The challenge for Coolrec is and continues to be innovation, with which we (continue to) invest in customer needs. Whether it concerns parties for which we process e-waste, or parties who buy our raw materials.

Thanks to innovation we achieve an ongoing degree of purity in the recovery of raw materials, for example. To achieve this excellence, we make use of state-of-the-art processing techniques.

Coolrec doesn't only stick to words, but aspires for a practical interpretation of the circular economy.