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Our vision

Electrical and electronic waste is generated wherever people live and work. Sooner or later this waste of equipment will generally be removed, cleaned up or destroyed, because most people consider it as unwanted. Together with Renewi, Coolrec sees that from a different perspective. Hence our vision: ‘Waste no more'.

Coolrec provides a significant contribution to an efficient circular economy and a clean environment. By recovering raw materials from e-waste, we make an actual contribution to:

  1. resolving the global issue of scarcity of raw materials
  2. accomplishing climate objectives
  3. and thus contribute to a sustainable world

Our vision is based on three pillars:

  • circular economy
  • social economy (social return)
  • compliancy

The future is characterised by:

  • closing the gaps in chains (from plastic to plastic, from refrigerator to refrigerator)
  • collaborating with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • partnerships with supplementary companies
  • countering the scarcity of raw materials
  • globalization of the market, blurring boundaries