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Social economy

Coolrec is committed to its corporate social responsibility. In recycling electrical and electronic equipment, we deliberately and continuously offer employment to people who are in a vulnerable position or who are disadvantaged in the labour market. This contributes to labour force participation of people who are distanced from the labour market. We participate in Social Return in all the countries in which we are active.

Coolrec works with various target groups:

  1. People who are temporarily unable to work due to circumstances (e.g. burn-out and/or psychological problems).
  2. People with physical or mental disabilities.

Thanks to Coolrec's corporate social responsibility, these target groups ‘belong again’, they can improve their financial position and participate in society again.

Serving customers to the highest standards and simultaneously contributing to the viability of the world. And doing so in a way that exudes respect for human rights and the environment. That’s what Coolrec stands for. That’s what keeps us busy every day and we're proud of it!

Corporate social responsibility

Every year, Coolrec processes 190,000 tonnes of white and brown goods into raw materials. That includes approximately 1 million cooling devices, 500,000 television sets and 35,000 tonnes of small household appliances, computer equipment and power tools. Aside from recycling waste of equipment, Coolrec also processes about 50,000 tonnes of plastic and more than 30,000 tonnes of non-ferrous metals.

On recycling 800,000 refrigerators, we prevent more than 160,000 kilograms of environment-polluting propellants. This is equal to emissions of more than 400,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents per year. This emission is equivalent to the amount of CO2 produced by 50,000 households each year. Otherwise 20,000,000 trees would have been needed to compensate for these 226 tonnes of emissions.