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With a staff compliment of about 8,000 Renewi realises a turnover of approximately € 1.7 billion. We are a market leader in the Benelux in the field of waste management and recycling and our subsidiaries Coolrec, Maltha, Orgaworld and Mineralz also give us presence in Germany, France, Portugal and Hungary.

Our vision

‘Waste no more’: that is our vision as well as our credo. Waste is generated wherever people live and work. And sooner or later, that waste will be removed, cleaned up or destroyed, because most people consider it as unwanted. Renewi sees that differently: waste no more!

We're developing a cost-effective circular economy and a clean living environment. By recovering raw materials from waste, we provide a concrete contribution to the solution of the global issue of scarcity of raw materials, as well as an important contribution to the realisation of climate objectives.

Our mission

Renewi plays a leading and coordinating role in the chain from waste to raw material. In cooperation with our customers, suppliers and other partners in the chain we're constantly generating cycles and creating both ecological and economic value from waste. 

Our core values

Our vision: ‘Waste no more’, is a powerful culmination of what we want to accomplish. Our 5 core values are essential and directive for our actions: competent, safe, communicative, confident and progressive.

In addition, we also ensure that everything we do is fully in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations and our proprietary quality systems. Besides, we endorse the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.