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Where can the Coolrec locations be found?

Coolrec operates out of seven specialised locations in four countries:

The Netherlands Coolrec Nederland, (Dordrecht), Coolrec Plastics bv, (Waalwijk and Emmen)
Belgium Coolrec Belgium (Tisselt), Recydel (Wandre)
Germany Coolrec Deutschland (Pulheim and Baumholder)
France Coolrec France (Lesquin)

Our headquarters are located in Eindhoven. A variety of Renewi staff services are also based here.

What activities are carried out at each of the seven Coolrec locations?

Coolrec has opted for a central approach to processing the various WEEE categories. This unites expertise and innovation in one location:

  • With the exception of Germany, refrigerators and other cooling equipment are processed in each country: in Dordrecht, Liège and Lesquin. Major appliances and solar panels are also processed in Dordrecht.
  • Monitors as well as ‘old-fashioned’ television tubes (CRTs) and flat screens (LCDs/FPDs) are processed in Tisselt.
  • All ICT-related equipment (i.e. computers and peripheral equipment) and small domestic appliances, are recycled in Wandre. 
  • Depollution, the removal of harmful materials and components, is carried out in Dordrecht, Wandre and Baumholder. Upgrading processes for printed circuit boards and high-quality electronics also take place in Baumholder.
  • The recovery of non-ferrous metals from incinerator ash takes place in Tisselt.
  • Plastics are recycled and separated in Waalwijk and compounded in Emmen.
  • All locations have a secure area for storing and/or destroying devices containing confidential information.