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Coolrec is regularly involved in projects of the European Union. These projects are feasibility studies into the recovery of special raw materials from products and installation components. The aim of the studies is to find newer and better processing methods. Projects aim to reinforce cooperation between knowledge institutions such as the Delft University of Technology, research organisations and the business community. This has enabled Coolrec to build up a large network of expertise.

Project participation not only enlarges our own expertise of (new) recycling possibilities, but we also contribute to developing new insights in the reduction of waste streams. For knowledge institutions involved in these projects, Coolrec is an essential link to the practical field. Ideas that work on a laboratory level can, thanks to Coolrec, be assessed in practice. Particularly for this purpose, pilot plants are regularly installed at our sites.

Technical developments

Coolrec operates in a rapidly changing (market) environment. The requirements of parties for whom we process e-waste and the requirements of parties who buy our raw materials, change constantly. Technical developments rapidly pursue one another, legislation and regulations are increasingly being tightened, and communication capabilities are expanding.

This context of ongoing movement and development means that innovation is part of Coolrec's ‘breathing’. We are permanently focused on innovation. That's because: what's enough for today, won't be so tomorrow any more. Introducing renewal is never an isolated step for us. Renewals happen around us all the time: in machinery, in training employees, in the organisational structure, or in the supply chain. Thanks to our intended, company-wide innovation strategy we create value for our customers.