Dismantling on site
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Dismantling on site

Do you need complicated systems dismantled (such as large telephone exchanges or data centres)? Then Coolrec relies on its many years of experience to help you in a professional manner:

  • Coolrec has a flexible and highly experienced team that dismantles the system(s) on site.
  • The Project Manager will detail all the required activities with you.
  • We are able to fulfil all your needs and requirements, because we cooperate with several partners.
  • The team includes certified members who are allowed and are able to dismantle complicated systems.
  • Everything is removed neatly and graded for further processing.
  • Confidential destruction, also on site.

We provide a clear report on time sheets, logistics and processing.

Want to know more?

If you require tailored advice or pricing, please contact our back office.

Or fill in the form and inform us about the type of system that it concerns. Coolrec will then contact you.

Dismantling on site