Confidential destruction
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Confidential destruction

A great deal of confidential information is stored, particularly in computer equipment on the hard drive. For instance: personal and bank details, personnel files, business strategies and competition-sensitive information. In cooperation with Coolrec, you can have this equipment or its components destroyed with guaranteed confidentiality.

If you are considering donating your equipment, for example, to a charity or to have it bought for processing, then you must be aware that only deleting the data is insufficient. The hard drive still remains accessible. That also applies to:

  • flash drives
  • external hard drives
  • printers and scanners with hard drives
  • routers
  • tablets

As a manufacturer, do you make prototypes and exhibition models that you want to have destroyed afterwards so that these do not get onto the market as yet? Coolrec can also take care of this process.

2018 Coolrec data destruction certificate

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Confidential destruction