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Customised solutions for waste of electrical or electronic equipment

Are you seeking a solution for your electronic waste? Coolrec takes care of the whole process. If required:

  • we place the correct collection receptacles
  • we collect the waste of equipment on site
  • we process the equipment
  • we provide the required reports

Want to know more?

If you require tailored advice or pricing, please contact our back office.

Or fill in the form and inform us about the type of equipment that it concerns. Coolrec will then contact you.



Coolrec processes all categories, summarised as follows: ‘Everything to be plugged in or cordless’: cooling devices, equipment with display screens (like LCDs), computer and office equipment, individual printed circuit boards, solar panels, (small) household appliances and large white goods.

Depollution: removal of hazardous substances and components

Recycling aims to recover as much valuable material as possible from equipment. However, equipment often contains hazardous substances and components such as: batteries, oil, cartridges and CFCs in cooling devices, mercury in LCDs, etc. Prior to our mechanical processing procedure we first remove all hazardous substances and components from the equipment. This is also known as depollution.