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Coolrec Plastics: from unsorted to mono streams

Coolrec Plastics is the largest recycler of waste plastics in Europe. Having 3 high-tech production plants, we recycle about 50 million kilograms of plastic materials into valuable raw materials annually. From shredded plastic, mainly from fractions of WEEE to graded plastic or regranulate enhanced to specification for the production of new (components of) products. This is where we close the gap in the plastics chain.

At our specialised processing plant in Waalwijk the processes include PP/PE, PS and ABS. The supplied materials (input) must already be reduced in advance and may be delivered in bulk (containers or walking floor trailers). We focus on large and structural volumes.

Coolrec Plastics: compounding

The graded plastic at Coolrec Plastics (Waalwijk) is sold to third parties for upcycling, where the material is enhanced to the customer's specification. The (re)granulate can now be used for the production of new products.

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