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Coolrec processes

Whether you want to get rid of computer equipment, telephone sets, coffee machines, fridges or drilling machines. Coolrec gets this electrical and electronic equipment from you and processes it.

Coolrec always processes your WEEE in accordance with legislation and regulations, in which we guarantee compliancy:

  • We process WEEE according to legislation and regulations: Coolrec is WEEELABEX certified.
  • Thanks to recycling and reuse, we make an important contribution to the circular economy.
  • Many of our activities foster social return: Coolrec provides employment for people who are distanced from the labour market.

Coolrec works with manufacturers

Manufacturers expect that Coolrec helps in finding solutions for reuse of products, both via prevention and recycling. This calls for intensive cooperation to enable us to work together as partners. Coolrec has know-how in the field of recycling, our partners have know-how in the field of production techniques.

Coolrec processes all WEEE in specialist plants, to achieve the highest possible recycling rates. The higher the rate, the more valuable secondary raw materials we recover. Raw materials such as iron, aluminium, copper, precious metals and plastics. Raw materials that are returned to the manufacturer to produce components and/or new equipment.

Coolrec: WEEELABEX certified

Processors of waste of electrical and electronic equipment must be WEEELABEX certified. WEEELABEX stands for Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment LABel of EXcellence. It is the ultimate standard for collection, storage, transportation, processing, recycling and reuse of WEEE.