Confidential destruction

At Coolrec, confidentiality is written with a capital “C”. We guarantee that your appliances and equipment are destroyed so that they can never find their way back to the market.

We offer you customer-specific services. Your wish is our command. Lockable containers, sealed trucks, supervised disposal, with video or photographic material. Our locations are equipped with camera surveillance, electronic access control and lockable and secure storage. The employees are also screened.

We can destroy complete devices but also have specialised solutions for the destruction of hard disks and other data carriers. We shred to a size of 1 x 1 cm in order to guarantee total irrecoverability of confidential information. 

Destruction under customs supervision
In addition to confidential destruction, we also offer destruction under customs supervision. In accordance with your requirements and specifications, customs are requested to attend and supervise the destruction of batches of goods. Coolrec makes all the arrangements. This service is used for goods that have not been cleared through customs or goods that have been impounded.

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